Neil Patrick Harris wants a baby


Neil Patrick Harris, who ironically plays a completely straight character on How I Met Your Mother, and his partner David Burtka are looking to have a baby via surrogate much like Sarah Jessica Parker. The birth will be much easier in this case because doctors don’t have to worry about hooves coming out.

In fact, the two are using the same agency for this as Parker and Broderick did for their twins.

“Neil and David were so relieved and excited once they were approved,” says the source. “Now they have so many surrogate profiles to go through to find the right woman to carry their child.”

“Neil and David can’t wait to hold their baby; they don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl. They just want a healthy child.”

I wonder who’s sperm they’re going to use, Neil’s or David’s. You know once that kid turns into a teenager they’re going to play the “you’re not my real father” card. Also, if the one not genetically linked to the baby gets cold feet after seeing it bust out of the surrogate’s vagina like Jack Nicholson through the door in The Shining, he can wipe his hands like the blackjack dealers in Vegas and say “I’m out.”

[Image: Splash News]

  • Porscha

    Um, how is it ‘ironic’ that he plays a “completely straight character” on How I Met Your Mother? That’s not ironic, it’s just acting. He plays a character, just like other actors do. I don’t get why his playing a straight character is unexpected. Seems a bit like a heteronormative standard there, just saying.

  • lindsay

    why is it ironic when a gay man plays a straight character but not vice versa?

    • Eyob

      Its not ironic its a bit awkward both ways. But I have to say Neil is totally awesome on HIMYM and hes the coolest gay guy i know soooo fck everyone who thinks otherwise

  • That retarded guy

    It would be ironic if the roles were reversed and NPH’s Barney character was an actor playing NPH. If NPH was playing Mosby, it wouldn’t be ironic.

  • Zee Brat

    Mock the gays on a gossip site. Genius idea.

  • Hes the coolest faggot i know and all you faggots need to calm the f**K down

  • Leigh

    I love him, he is a huge talent. He Killed at the Tonys! And more openly gay actors should get the opportunity to play straight characters. God knows it works the other way all the time.

  • Sofia

    he’s gay?!

  • sofie

    i would love to be their surrogate mother anytime

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