Nicole Richie breaks up Lindsay and Sam

Just a month after Lindsay Lohan arduously stalked Samantha Ronson around the world to beg for another chance, the two have split again following a heated argument Monday night. The major issue was Sam’s friendship with Nicole Richie who hates Lindsay. E! explains:

“Nicole refuses even to be in the same room as Lindsay,” says a source, noting that just last week Nicole invited Sam to a mutual friend’s birthday party at Bar Marmont with the stipulation that she not bring Lindsay. “Sam went to the party, and it really upset Lindsay,” says the source.

After Sam had dinner with Nicole at Izakaya last night, a source says she gave Linds the kiss-off.

Per her usual post break-up routine, expect Lindsay to rebound her way through LA and NY. Her vagina is like a wildfire. Indiscriminately destroying everything it touches and leaving behind only a burning sensation.

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