Paris moves fast

Just a day after her break-up, Paris Hilton has already moved on. To Ronaldo. World famous soccer star. That whore moves fast. From The Sun:

“Cristiano and Paris were all over each other swapping spit the entire night!

“His table needed every waitress in the building to bring all the alcohol he was getting through to him. He spent in excess of $20,000 on champagne and drinks. He was having a great time.”

The Portuguese star left the club with Paris at 3am and drove to Nicky’s pad in West Hollywood.

He was spotted leaving at 5am, sporting trademark grin.

I don’t know who the bigger whore is. Paris or Ronaldo. I wonder if their std’s battled it out for supremacy or did they just meet in the middle in neutral territory to insult each other with “yo momma’s so fat” jokes.

Update: TMZ has some pictures. Also, at what point does a dress become just a t-shirt?

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Uomini e donne
14 years ago

Omg she is so fast in love!

14 years ago

geezam!! no i have to hate ronaldo, he has lost all ratings from me!! that woman is poison! what the hell has he done?????????!!!