Phil Spector no longer allowed his wig

phil spector mugshot

I don’t know when this site turned into a celebrity freak show, but here’s Phil Spector in his most recent mugshot. Since he’s a ward of the state, they won’t let him wear his crazy wigs anymore. I think he looks a lot more distinguished now. Like he stepped straight out of a Jane Austen novel. What do you think? [TSG]

Old mugshot under the cut for comparison.

Phil Spector mug shot

  • chewy

    he looks like he should be driving a van and offering candy to schoolchildren in the first pic. and in the second, he looks like the love child of danny bonaduce and peewee herman.

  • Wayne

    More “Like he stepped straight out of” The Lord of the Rings. “My Preciousssssss”

    Although chewy’s observations are right on!

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