Update: “Piranha 3-D” seems promising

Piranha 3-D stars Elisabeth Shue, Richard Dreyfuss and some other actors on a downhill slide. According to IMDB:

In Lake Victoria Arizona, a tremor causes the lake’s floor to open, setting free scores of prehistoric piranhas… They’re back! Every year the population of sleepy Lake Victoria explodes from 5,000 to 50,000 for a single, wild weekend – the 4th of July, a riot of sun, drunken fun and sex-crazed mayhem. But this year, there’s something more to worry about than hangovers and complaints from local old timers. Lake Victoria sits in the crater formed by a prehistoric volcanic eruption, and when earth tremors tear open a crack in the lake floor, all hell breaks through. Piranhas – a million ravenous, razor-toothed monsters, unchanged since the dawn of time. Unstoppable killing machines acting blindly under one primeval impulse: to hunt down anything that moves and strip it to the raw, bleeding bone. In seconds.

If you’re already groaning, then you should stop, you big jerk, because Kelly Brooke and pornstar Riley Steele are also in it and their roles seem very central to the plot judging by these photos from the set.

Yes, that is Riley either licking or motorboating Kelly Brook’s chest. As a result, I’ve already given this movie 3.5 stars. I’ll add the last 1/2 star if they take their tops off.

Update: Not really new info, but now there are more pictures and they’re in high quality. Not only that, Riley Steele’s tit is hanging out so I’m going to have to revise my rating to 3 3/4 stars (- 1/4 star because Kelly Brook is still being modest). Still, this is awesome. Check the gallery for more.

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