Someone did punch Perez Hilton in the face


TMZ has video of the altercation on Sunday which led to Perez Hilton twittering for his followers to call the police for him and then the next day claiming Will.I.Am and his posse beat him up.

The footage starts in the middle of the verbal showdown. Perez and Will can be heard arguing back and forth about writing stuff on his website. This goes on for a little while until Perez can clearly be heard shouting, “You’re not a fucking artist. You’re a fucking faggot.” For a guy that champions gay rights, he sure does use that term loosely.

Shortly after, chaos ensued and someone punched Perez in the face. Perez alleges Will’s manager, Polo, hit him “two or three times.”

In Will’s defense, Perez’s words hurt. Deeply. Will’s manager merely wanted to show Perez that fists hurt just as much.

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    • Mary SanGiovanni

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    • BrianKeene

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