This is just weird

I know Kristen Steart and Dakota Fanning are working together for vocals on The Runways. They left the studio together yesterday which is weird on its own, but what’s weirder is Kristen and Dakota went out clubbing together. What the hell? Dakota is still a precocious 9-year-old in my mind. Does not compute. Are you sure they were going to a club and not leaving a studio at night or Cold Stone? That would make more sense. I can’t even imagine Kristen going to a club. This is like watching a fish swim and then all of a sudden it starts walking on dry land and then dancing like a white girl.

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14 years ago

Actually there was another article regarding this show at the Roxy. It was the Nylon concert series and the Roxy accomodated, so people under 18 could attend. So they weren’t “clubbing” they attended a concert made available to minors. Would have thought you would have done your research.