You will serve Jonathan Rhys Meyers his drink or get punched in the face


Jonathan Rhys Meyers was held by French police Saturday afternoon for drunkenly assaulting an airport lounge employee. He punched a waiter at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris because the cafe he was at “Le Quotidien” refused to serve him any more alcohol. PEOPLE details:

A shouting match developed between Rhys Meyers and the bar manager. Then when another bar employee tried to separate the pair, Rhys Meyers swung and punched the intervening waiter.

Police handcuffed the actor when placing him in custody, and sources tell PEOPLE that the actor remained in a sober lock-up area for three hours before being released.

Meyers will have to go to court in September for “voluntary violence, contempt, issuing death threats and assault.” Voluntary violence. That’s a new one. Is there an involuntary violence charge? Maybe he should be hit with that. No way his arms voluntarily swung in that drunken stupor. Just like there’s no way I voluntarily slipped that roofie in that girl’s drink. It was a muscle spasm. I swear.

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