Adrian Grenier is smart

Adrian Grenier is an animal lover and he says he owes it all to the 1984 Tom Hanks film Splash. NYDN told him that mermaids aren’t real. Grenier, who’s bubble was burst, responded, “Wait. Aren’t mermaids animals? Whatever, they still count.”

A lot of actors are idiots so this kind of stuff is to be expected. Ask any celebrity why the sky is blue and they’ll stare at you like you just killed their dog and wonder out loud to their friend why you aren’t fawning over them. At that point, you’re pretty much considered a leper. Don’t be surprised if they pretend not to hear you for the rest of the conversation.

[NYDN, Image: Splash News]

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14 years ago

Wow, he can’t be THAT dumb. Perhaps he was joking. Or perhaps he really is that dumb.

Crazy Baroness
Crazy Baroness
14 years ago

Oh, come on! He was JOKING. THAT dumb people just don’t exist…hopefully %)