Amy Winehouse is back

After six months in St. Lucia, Amy Winehouse returned to Britain ten days before she’s set to stand trial for assault. She started crying as soon as she landed as did every other Brit because they thought they made her St. Lucia’s problem.

She looked healthier than when she left, with a clearer complexion and a light tan and, despite her red eyes, her spokesman said she was “really happy to be back and can’t wait to catch up with family and friends.”

Winehouse will also begin work on a new album. She penned a few tracks while on vacation, but her record company gave those the thumbs down and said, “Pbbbbt!” Oh, did I tell you that in my world Amy’s record company is run by a baby?

Here’s Winehouse at Gatwick teary-eyed looking a lot less haggard, but still reeking of Jack and Coke. She’s probably crying because they cut her off mid-flight.

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Robert Cotton
Robert Cotton
14 years ago

Hopefully now that she is home she stays away from all the scum that surrounds her there trying to suck her money away. All Amy needs is to have someone that loves her for her not for her money. The world is a sad place once you get famouse SAD SAD SAD

Busted Keys
14 years ago

hopefully gets cleaner or stays clean!!! you’re a great musical talent amy, be well!