Amy Winehouse is not guilty

District Judge Timothy Workman cleared Amy Winehouse of any wrongdoing in her assault case today. Winehouse was said to have punched Sherene Flash when she asked to take a picture. Amy argued that she was intimidated by Flash and she was too short to have hit her in the face. The judge ruled that he could not tell whether or not the punch was deliberate with the supplied evidence.

Winehouse, dressed in a knee-length black skirt, gray jacket and white shirt, shrugged as the verdict was announced.

“I’m relieved,” she told reporters as she left the court. “I’m going home.”

Amy Winehouse was intimidated? Flash was more scared of Amy Winehouse than she was with her. That chick is crazy. She could go off at you on a moment’s notice. You need to wear a suit of armor just to talk to her. The only way I would talk to Amy Winehouse is if there was a moat full of crocodiles between me and Amy.

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14 years ago

she actually looks non-scuzzy in this pic. although, that eyeliner is a gots to go situation.