Blame it on the energy drinks

In this awkward excerpt from an interview with CagePotato correspondent, um, I don’t know her name, but let’s call her You Chose Wisely for now, Quinton Jackson does what Quinton Jackson does best. Make everyone extremely uncomfortable.

Jackson, as you may remember, went on a rampage in a lifted truck in Newport Beach last year. He blamed it on fasting while subsisting only energy drinks. He also said God was talking to him.

Anyway, he dry humps the hell out of this reporter. It might even go a little beyond awkward. Past the point of a polite chuckle and into “thank god she’s not wearing a dress” territory. Also noteworthy is how everyone either doesn’t get or chooses to ignore Quinton’s sexually charged “Am I in yet?,” comment. Like things aren’t already uncomfortable enough.

Seeing this, they should really make Rampage wear a condom before every interview or at least provide reporters with a free pregnancy test kit. It’s the least they could do. Quinton is like if Pepe Le Pew took on human form and actually caught that cat.

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14 years ago

that has got to be one of the top funniest viral vids i have ever seen. along with your wit. seriously.

14 years ago

Her name is Heather Nichols she is an actress in LA you can see more of her on cagepotato and youtube