Bryce Dallas Howard replaces Rachelle Lefevre

I don’t know how much this means to anyone apart from overexcited tweens, but Rachelle Lefevre has dropped out of the third Twilight film, Eclipse, due to scheduling conflicts. Rachelle, who plays Victoria in the first film, will be replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard.

I haven’t been keeping up with my daily visits to Twilight forums, but I expect there’ll be a lot of outrage. At least from me. Switching actresses just like that? I will fight this. Nay, we will fight this. Are you with me Twitards or whatever the hell it is you weirdos like to be called? Let’s create some signage and meet outside the studio. Oh, on. You go first. I’ll be there, um, later.

In all seriousness, Howard seems more than capable. She’s extremely pale and creepy looking. I assume those are the main qualities they look for when casting for the movie.

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