Carmen Electra is naked

Last night in Vegas, Carmen Electra went topless during her debut in The Crazy Horse Paris Show. Shocking news since, when was the last time she’s done that?!

Carmen, who will be starring in the show for six nights, enticed the audience by donning high heels, stockings and suspenders while cavorting on a sofa shaped like a giant pair of lips.

Her second routine, called Chain Gang, saw the Playboy pin-up caged like a wild animal and sent temperatures soaring by revealing one boob with a tassel covering her modesty.

The only good thing to come out of this is that plastic surgery has made Carmen Electra’s boobs look ageless. Other than that, be glad they caked as much makeup as they could on Carmen. If they didn’t, you’d half-expect someone in the audience to scream “Grandma?!”

Update: Higher quality NSFW pics below.

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