Chaz Bono debuts his girlfriend

Chaz Bono recently announced her  plan to change from woman into man. A feat previously only able to be achieved by fish. She’s going to have a penis!

Last night, she made her first public appearance since the announcement and with his girlfriend, Jennifer Elia, no less. Jennifer doesn’t look too bad either. Which makes me sad. Here I am putting a wig and plastic lips on a mop and Chaz is going to the opening of Outfest’s Opening Night Gala with a real, live girl. I wonder how they have sex? Is it like how I do it with Moppy? With a lot of crying and apologizing?

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14 years ago

who will donate the apendage

14 years ago

“Chaz” looks horrible! She once was a beautiful girl named Chastity! Her lifestyle has changed dramatically to the point of an operation to make her completely male? Well, whatever pleases her. It’s a shame; I just hope she knows WHO she is, is happy as CHAZ and has put CHASTITY to rest because Chastity would NEVER look like this!