Debbie Rowe settles custody dispute

Debbie Rowe’s custody battle for Michael Jackson’s kids has ended and this time not with a $4 million payoff. Rowe has agreed to let Katherine Jackson be the guardian on the condition that she be given visitation rights and that a psychologist visit the kids to help them deal with everything that’s happened. Rowe, however, does not have parental rights to Blanket.

No way. I thought the Three Wolf Moon shirt was internet hooey at first, but this has proven me wrong. The power of the Three Wolf Moon shirt knows no bounds. Someone detail this on the Amazon review page quick. For prosperity and to give hope to all others who’ve had surrogate children with bizarre pop stars and are now in a custody battle.

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14 years ago

Yikes, what an ugly shirt.

14 years ago

I absoutely LOVE Paris Katerine I believe she is stunning…Yet I have to admit this is what she has to look forward to in 20, 30 yrs..She looks just like this woman.