Dr. Conrad Murray raided by the DEA

Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson’s personal physician, had his office raided this morning by the DEA for information pertaining to the death of Michael Jackson. The exact warrant mentions the “offense of manslaughter.”

“We can confirm that a search warrant was executed today on Dr. Murray’s offices in Houston, Texas. We reviewed the warrant and remained on the premises while the search was being executed.

The search was conducted by members of the DEA, two Robbery – Homicide detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department and Houston Police officers.

The search warrant authorized law enforcement to search for and seize items, including documents, they believed constituted evidence of the offense of manslaughter.

Law enforcement concluded their search around 12:30pm, and left with a forensic image of a business computer hard drive and 21 documents. None of the documents taken had previously been requested by law enforcement or the L.A. Coroner’s office.”

The agents were specifically looking for information connected to the anesthetic drug Propofol which is normally only used in operating rooms.

I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for if Murray did administer the drug. Maybe Michael didn’t want to feel anymore after finishing Neverland Ranch and finding out kids wouldn’t willingly step foot inside on account of him being so god damn creepy. There’s nothing scarier to a 6-year-old than a man grabbing their shoulders from behind and in a soft voice asking them, “Do you want to come take a ride?”

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