Eminem has something to say

Mariah Carey decided to respond to Eminem’s Bagpipes from Baghdad, where he gave Mariah a shout out and told Nick Cannon to “back the f**k up, with her latest single Obsession. She denied ever seeing him. Then Cannon blogged about how Eminem is still obsessed with Mariah.

Eminem, finding this hi-larious, went on some satellite radio show and suggested he once gave Mariah a golden shower. Then he released this song, The Warning. In it, Eminem says he still has photos and voicemails from when they were seeing each other and at one point, I’m pretty sure he rhymed about how he and some other dude tried to double stuff Mariah.

This is like Westside Story where everyone fights with song. The only difference is there might be nude pics of Mariah and the songs are a lot less gay. At least from Eminem. Mariah must be pissed. She’s probably punching her Hello Kitty dolls in the face right now.

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