It’s all your fault

What may have led to Mischa Barton’s mental breakdown? Us. Not the magazine, but we, the people. Friends of Barton say she has major body image issues. Especially in regards to her legs. So when these photos of her cellulite surfaced, she was more than a little distraught. They may have even driven her to drugs.

“She had a big problem with those photos of her cellulite. … She didn’t like it,” says another source. “That just was something that contributed to her spiraling but she didn’t do much to fix it because of her partying.”

While another friend tells PEOPLE the photos upset the former O.C. star – “[She was] more pissed off than hurt and she complained a lot about that” – she didn’t let them get “to her too much. … I never saw her diet.”

Look what you did. Are you happy with yourselves? You put her in an institution with your unrelenting laughter. You’ve single-handedly ruined her career by critiquing that one picture posted a year ago. What a bunch of jerks, you guys are. Wait. Is that her ass up there? Ugh. You guys are right. I think I’m going to vomit.

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14 years ago

Wow, want a dumb bitch. She lives in Hollywood for hell’s sakes. If you have body image issues, go see a surgeon and get things cleaned up. Leg cheese and ass cheese are a simple fix these days. Then get your lazy ass on a treadmill and add some muscle tone. Drugs are a cop out for the weak, which Mishca is. Take some responsibility you cunt.

14 years ago

Stupid lazy cunt. All she needed to do was see a surgeon in that town and her worries and cellulite are gone. Then try exercising like Jessica Biel, and then she looks amazing. Instead, she wates it all on booze and blow. Vapid cunt.