It’s Megan Fox, isn’t it?

I don’t usually guess blind items because my answer for all of them is either Oprah Winfrey, that kid from Jerry Macguire or Superman. Suffice to say, I’m usually wrong. But this time, Buzzfoto posted an item which isn’t even really a blind item. They say:

This star known for her good looks more than her acting ability has a celebrity boyfriend. They’re on and off for the cameras all the time, but let’s say for today’s sake, that the two are very much together. We wonder what he would say to the fact that she is pursuing a foreign singer with everything she’s got. We suspect it’s not for a relationship, but because the singer isn’t responding how she would like and she’s used to having her way. Not Vanessa Hudgens.

It’s Megan Fox who’s kind of dating Brian Austen Green. The foreign singer is Rain. I’m awesome. What? No, I didn’t read this a few days ago. Why would you say that?

I’m not sure why someone reworded that into a blind item. That’s like me saying “this celebrity has suspicions that her world famous brother, who recently died, was murdered despite evidence showing an addiction to prescription medication.” Oh, who could it be? I bet you it’s that kid from Jerry Macguire.

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14 years ago


14 years ago

i’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that i think (sadly) you’re wrong again…. i think the “guy” is sam ronson… the actress who’s used to getting her way but (sadly) no longer seems to ever get her way is miss lindsay lohan and the singer is the Russell Brand guy (the one that hosted the vma’s or whatever for some unknown reason coincadently just like when lindsay hosted the show (or one of them… whatever) did for the same unknown reason!! just my guess… the rumors been making the rounds everywhere recently so maybe it isn’t… Read more »