Jessica Biel is on a diet

You’ll never guess what Jessica Biel does to keep thin and fit. Are you ready for this? Working out and portion control. Biel says she doesn’t believe in depriving yourself of the things you love to eat. She only believes in limiting your intake.

“You have to find a balance, especially with what you eat. I don’t live by the idea that you can’t allow yourself a treat,” she said.

“I say, ‘Eat things you like, but eat them in smaller portions’. I always cut things in half and send them back. I’m not perfect, I don’t always do those things, but that’s the goal.”

So Biel cuts food in half and sends the rest back to the kitchen. Really? What does she expect them to do with the other half. Serve it to other customers? “Here. Jessica Biel only wanted to eat half of this. You may be so honored as to finish it.” I’m pretty sure the restaurant just chucks it into the trash. God damn celebrities are wasteful. Other people would ask for a doggy bag and some would even start stuffing the free bread into their coat pockets. I bet Jessica laughs every time she sees a commercial telling people that a penny a day can make a difference for third world orphans. Then she drives around town with a bucket of KFC throwing half-eaten drumsticks at homeless people.

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14 years ago

She sends them back to the kitchen? Yeah, what will the staff do with the food she sent back?

14 years ago

Whatever it is that she is doing is working. So who gives a s**t what she does with it. More Hollywood chicks need Jessica’s attitude and work out plan. More to spank to if they did.

14 years ago

why not just order from the kid’s menu? you also get a free bib. what’s not to like…