Joe Jackson made no mistakes

Joe Jackson was on Larry King last night discussing various topics regarding Michael. One of the questions Larry asked was whether there was any truth to the allegations that he beat his son.

Joe said he never did and that beating started during the days of slavery where slave masters beat and tortured the slaves. Also, a lot of parents spank there kids.

Half of what Joe said was indecipherable and at one point I could have sworn he asked for an ice cream cone, but all in all, that was quite an infallible argument. How do you respond to that? In your face, Larry King. You got served.

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Herman Bumfudle
Herman Bumfudle
14 years ago

so what you’re saying is that the promoters who set michael jackson’s head on fire for their own amusement are the nice guys.

there comes a time when you schizophrenics have got to admit to yourselves that you weren’t there. the truth is michael jackson never performed bruised, bloody or beaten