Josh Duhamel is doing it wrong

Josh Duhamel seems like a cool guy and ladies tell me he’s not bad looking. Which is why it’s so strange he decided to marry Fergie. After reading this, however, I’m starting to figure it out. The guy might have some issues.

Talking to Women’s Health, Duhamel says they were given a stripper pole as a wedding gift. Most likely as a joke because who wants to see Fergie on one of those things. Amiright? Anyway, Josh says that “I’ve played on the pole more than she has.” Um, ok. Calm down there buddy. Although, he added, “If you know my wife, she’s a perfectionist and won’t get on it until she’s good, so she wants to take a class first. So the pole is really just decorative at this point.”

Most of America hopes it stays that way. Watching an old lady get beaten and robbed would be sexier than that.

He was also asked about the hottest part of a woman’s body. Josh said he liked the ass. Knowing that, it now makes perfect sense as to why he doesn’t mind Fergie’s face.

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