Katie Price had a miscarriage

Katie Price aka Jordan was 10 weeks pregnant when she found out her baby had died and only a few weeks before she and Jordan broke up. Doctors told her the fetus’ heart had stopped beating during a scan in London. Still hopeful after discovering high levels of a hormone produced by the embryo, Jordan went in again for a followup. Sadly, the baby had died.

Jordan said: “I went in thinking, ‘He’s going to be great, he’s going to see a heartbeat.’ And it was on the screen and you know they poke the thing around, he said, ‘No it’s, it’s died, it’s gone.'”

Jordan says this wasn’t why he and Peter broke up. The reason for that was Peter thought she was cheating on him with her horse trainer Andrew Gould.

While Jordan may feel comfortable talking about this, Peter isn’t. His spokeswoman said: “It was Peter’s child as well and Peter is devastated and deeply disappointed that Kate has chosen to speak out about this and their marriage. It is a private matter.”

Aww, poor thing. What could of caused this? Was it Paris Hilton? I bet that bitch Paris had to something to do with this.

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14 years ago

yes, she had miscarriage and that is awful. But to say she was still bleeding at the marathon? On stateside documentary she said in the morning before she ran that she had no knickers on!