Kayleen McAdams is not the mother

After everyone started linking Jude Law to a blind item yesterday, Jude Law’s spokesperson told Life & Style that, no, Rachel McAdam’s sister Kayleen is not the mother of Jude’s child although the unnamed woman and Jude did meet while he was filming Sherlock Holmes in NYC. A source had this to say:

“It was nothing serious, but the two hooked up for about a week while he was in the city,” the insider says.

“After he left, she found out she was pregnant. She tried to reach him, but the cell phone number she had for him was a temporary number that he only used in New York while filming,” the insider continues. “Her only way of contacting him was through his publicist. She didn’t want to go to his lawyer because she was afraid that then Jude would think she was only after his money. And that’s not the case at all!”

“That’s when they got the DNA test done, to make sure that it really was Jude’s baby.”

“The two of them are by no means together, but Jude isn’t being a jerk about being a father. He’s willing to take responsibility for his baby. And she’s definitely keeping it. She’s probably about seven months along right now.”

That’s one of the pitfalls of being famous. The inability to escape unplanned pregnancies. Sure, you could give that girl who believed you when you told her women can’t get pregnant if they’re on top (gravity) a “temporary” number and then jet to another country, but sooner or later she’s going to find you either through a friend of a friend, the media or your agency. My advice to Jude would be to start wearing a mask or prosthetics when he hooks up with people. Not only will they never know who he really is, he can also pretend to be George Clooney and pull the ultimate prank. A lifetime of paying out child support.

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14 years ago

he’s just spreading his seed around ain’t he..

14 years ago

he’s just such a manwhore!