Kiefer Sutherland is a good motivator


Kiefer Sutherland punched Robert Knepper (Prison Break) in the face ten or fifteen years ago. Not because they got in an argument, but because Knepper wanted to quit acting and Kiefer wanted to give him motivation to go on. Hence, the fist in his face.

“Ten or 15 years ago, Kiefer used to go to the same gym as me. I remember telling him that I wanted to quit (acting). It was before Prison Break and I couldn’t find any work and I wanted to quit. “He f**king punched me! He punched me so hard. He told me, ‘Don’t you ever give up!’ and I thank Kiefer every day for that advice.”

Kiefer sounds like a natural Tony Robbins. He should write self-help books. Except, they won’t be books in the traditional sense. They’ll have a cover and stuff, but once you flip that open, a fist like object will rocket out to punch you in the face. It’ll be similar to how an airbag deploys in a car. And if that isn’t enough, a pre-recorded message telling you to “Quit being a pussy!” will play before, during and after you get your ass kicked.

[Image: Splash News]

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    Kiefer…a motivator? Well, I can see that as motivation for another actor. Kiefer is good actor!…

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