Lindsay Lohan is doing great

Lindsay Lohan’s movie Labor Pains was supposed to jump start her career. Except it hasn’t and it won’t. That’s because the comedy in which she plays a woman faking a pregnancy in order to avoid being fired skipped theatres and went straight to cable. Not even good cable. ABC Family cable. Cable that had to cut out a lot of the “adult” scenes.

Promotion for the film hasn’t been stellar either. Did you know it premieres this weekend? It is and it looks just as bad as you’d imagine. Check out the original trailer and re-cut trailer below. Also check out the tag line ABC Family decided to use. “All her career needs is a little bump.” A reference to Lindsay’s love of cocaine? That’s clever. You know what else would also be clever? Making this film watchable. [WSJ]

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aleish (Ph)
aleish (Ph)
14 years ago

To whom it may concern,

Please let this movie be seen on the big screen. I think this is a good movie with a lesson. Lindsay Lohan is a great actress. This movie will help her a lot to boost her confidence and self worth.This is nothing like her previous movies at all.I know this will be a hit….please

14 years ago

Is it me, or do you get a message that says “working at a dead end job? Pish Posh! Life is better at getting & being pregnant! Even if it is fake!!” Good One, Disney. maybe the next showing could be on Nickelodeon? or perhaps target the infants? run the movie on ‘Noggin’.