Michael Jackson spent a lot of money

Many people are wondering how Michael Jackson died $400 million in debt when he had the most No. 1 singles on the Billboard charts for any male, had the best selling album of all time, won more awards than any artist and is still popular today, especially among sheiks aged 18 – 45.

The answer of course is by spending his vast wealth on anything that could be bought. This included amassing 75 cars registered under his name and spending $2,339,300 a month in living expenses when he was married to Debbie Rowe. FOX News has the breakdown.

Documents filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court in September of 1999 show that Jackson spent $95,700 on the gardening alone to maintain the sprawling Neverland Ranch. Security costs totaled another $51,900. Upkeep on his famous zoo/amusement park was another $66,200 and housekeeping/PR expenses stood at around $60,200 bringing the grand total monthly household expense to an astonishing $358,600. Colony Capital, the company that bought Neverland in 2008, is now responsible for the ranch’s maintenance.

When it came to personal expenses, the court documents show Jackson reportedly forked out $178,100 on legal services, $120,000 on personal/property insurance, $25,600 on medical needs, $42,600 on gifts — but only $100 a month on entertainment. Overall, his personal expenses were estimated at $1,420,600 monthly. In addition, MJ spent $85,500 on transportation and a further $475,200 on MJJ Productions and Optimum Productions.

Which is odd since he never seemed to have enough to buy a matching glove for his other hand.

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14 years ago

wtf 75 cars? and 85500 on transportation?

Is it just me, or is MJ being conned? I mean I’ve never seen him drove a car before. I bet he never saw most of those 75 cars either.

Jimmy Fedoosha
Jimmy Fedoosha
14 years ago

I’d like to get my hands on one of those cars. I can see it now – “this car was only driven by a little old lady (Jackson) to the plastic surgeon’s office on Sunday…EVERY Sunday.”