Michael Jackson’s memorial cost LA $1.4 million

Although far less than the estimated $4 million, $1.4 million is still a lot for a city in debt to pay for a private memorial. To help with the cost, the city set up a donation website. Ironically, the influx of visitors crashed the site and kept it down for at least 12 hours during the day. All in all, only $17,000 was raised.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is now asking people to go back and donate. Their money. To LA. For Michael Jackson’s memorial. Ok, let me get right on that. Granted, they could just ask the Jackson family who spent $25,000 on a gold casket and could easily combine their funds or ask AEG who owns the Staples center, but it’s called dignity. Which is why they won’t ask and will ask us instead.

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Who Gives a Shit...
Who Gives a Shit...
14 years ago

…it’s only money. The man died!!!

14 years ago

The whole thing was the most tawdry attention-whore fest I have ever seen. What a complete waste of money.