Michael Jackson’s viewing free to the public

Well, sort of anyway. The Jackson family originally planned to charge the public $25 to attend Michael’s memorial service at the Staples Center next Tuesday. However, the bad publicity forced them to cancel that plan and hold a lottery instead. Fans will be able to register online for the chance to win one of 17,500 tickets to the viewing.

I, for one, am glad the Jackson family isn’t turning this into some sort of media circus. Oh, wait. If they’re doing this, they might as well turn Michael into a marionette and have him do one last performance. I think people would be touched by that.

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Jennifer Way
Jennifer Way
14 years ago

I am so sorry for the loss of Michael Jackson….. I am 33 years old and grew up with all of his music and we loved him… Some say he was a weirdo but no, he was different, but no different than Dolly Parton or any one who has had plastic surgery to look different. It never mattered to me Michael was still a great artist and will never be forgotten in my heart among others…. My heart really goes out to the Jackson Family I know what it feels like to lose someone you love so much, I lost… Read more »

Herman Bumfudle
14 years ago

michael jackson lived as a pacifist. he gave away millions more dollars than he was sued for. the drug thing, that’s just the man’s way of saying he had it coming – all i’m trying to say is that they don’t really care about us

rip – a legend who endured the lies of the media and died -$400,000,000.00 broke and not even his kids were his

Lupe Ramirez
Lupe Ramirez
14 years ago

I grew up listining to Michael songs. My condelence to his family.

Edith and Linda
14 years ago

July 5, 2009 To the Children, Family, and Loved Ones of Michael Jackson hoping this comforts your hearts– Michael and our house. Mom’s (83 years old) youngest child, Ted (two years Michael’s junior and now gone home with the Lord), would watch Michael with legs crossed, three feet away from the TV absorbing Michael Jackson’s everything. We loved Michael too. He was in our home – part of our lives. Michael gave us so much. His love, creativity, devout attention, energy, and all those things words cannot begin to describe which flowed fluently planting the seeds of his passions and… Read more »