Mischa Barton can’t catch a break

Even though Mischa Barton is crazy, that still doesn’t make her interesting enough to get on the cover of any celebrity weeklies. Her publicist was pushing for Barton to get on at least one cover, but no one bit.

“As sad as Mischa’s recent problems are, what seems to be upsetting her representatives even more is that no one really cares,” said the editor. But Barton’s publicist, Craig Schneider, told Page Six: “I can assure you that I’ve been inundated with requests and inquiries from the celebrity weeklies . . . If none of them care, then by all means, please stop calling and e-mailing.”

Yea, and hot models in French maid costumes are swarming all over me. Please, I can’t take it anymore. Twenty times a day is too much. Help, I’m in hell!

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