Mischa Barton got kicked out of a bathroom

Mishca Barton was thrown out of the ladies’ room when she tried to bring her girlfriend Bridget inside at Whisky Mist in Mayfair. Apparently the rule is only one person at a time. Fascists. The Daily Mail says Mischa “looked really pissed off and embarrassed but her friend was fine about it.” She ended going in anyway.

Mischa ended up going into the stall alone and stayed in there for a long time. She probably sneezed on her line and had to suck it up off the floor.

She apparently took so long that the attendant was forced to check if she was feeling okay.

An onlooker said: ‘She took so long to emerge that everyone was worried about her.

‘At one point the toilet attendant had to knock on her door twice to ask if she was alright. Then her mate was knocking to check she was feeling okay.’

The source added: ‘When she came out of the cubicle, she was complaining about people knocking on the door. She looked slightly worse for wear as she attempted to apply her make-up.’

Maybe it wasn’t drugs. Maybe she had to take a massive dump. I had the same thing going on in Tiajuana. Except, over there in the clubs they only let you use the stall to vomit. After I got home, my toilet looked like a crime scene, but instead of blood lining the sides, it was poop.

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