Mischa Barton is doing great

If Mischa Barton was only contemplating suicide before, she might be seriously considering it now. Due to recent events (Mischa going crazy), Barton’s role in the upcoming CW show The Beautiful Life may be in jeopardy. EW (via Radar) says the network is already trying to recast her character, “that of Sonja Stonean, an experienced-but-fading model.” Production for the show was supposed to begin Wednesday, but has been pushed back because Mischa is still in the loony bin.

Mischa must be on top of the world right now. Not only did cops force her into psychiatric evaluation, but she also missed the premiere of her movie and now she may be axed from her upcoming series. The only way things could get worse is if Mischa tried to save her dog from an oncoming car, but in the process, the car ran over her leg and then the dog.

Mischa at the Whiskey Club in London last June.

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14 years ago

but she is an experienced and fading model..this role is perfect!