Mischa Barton looks different

Leave it to The Daily Mail to find the most unflattering photos of celebrities. The latest one being Mischa Barton and her bloated face. It looks like she’s been eating marshmallows non-stop for the past three months. A far cry from the skinny, malnourished look she had in January.

Barton’s friends say her face looks like a fat kid’s after Halloween because of a bad reaction to antibiotics she was given after the removal of her wisdom teeth. Others suggest it’s due to massive partying and greasy after-clubbing fast food. “She’ll starve herself all day then binge on junk. It wrecks havoc with her system.”

You know what I think? Bwahahahahahha. Mischa Barton looks like Pete Doherty.

Here’s Mischa walking her dog on the 3rd. She doesn’t look as bad as in The Daily Mail’s photo, but still noticeably different than before.

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14 years ago

she looks like that girl from american pie. and why is the papparazi so obsessed with her??? she hasn’t done anything in 4 years!

Flemish Blemish Fan
Flemish Blemish Fan
14 years ago

Its obvious that this girl has never worked out at a gym. She has babyfat. Granted, she weighs like 120 pounds but its not attractive to just be thin–these days, you have to look a tiny bit toned or you look like flabby mcgee barton.

She needs to worry less about the paparazzi and more about taking a jog a few times a week.