Robert Pattinson is good at sex

Tween girls love Robert Pattinson and after reading this report about him being great in bed, expect them to love Rob even more. Jerk.

“We just had this chemistry between us that made our kisses amazing,” the ex told American tabloid the National Enquirer. “I felt electricity go between us!

“I’m really passionate, as is he. That’s why, no matter how much we fought, it was always amazing in bed!”

“We’d glance at each other throughout the night because it made it more exciting when we got home,” added Rob’s former flame. “The tension was so strong, we couldn’t control ourselves. It was amazing!”

I guess RPatz — I call him RPatz now because we’re like this (crosses fingers) — and I aren’t so different after all. He’s fantastic in bed. I’m fantastic in bed. He causes pandemonium amongst 9 – 17 year-olds. I cause a different kind of pandemonium amongst 9 – 17 year olds. He’s rich and famous. I own a fancy watch calculator. One could even make the argument that I’m better than Rob.

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14 years ago

All you have to do is look at him and know he is good at sex.ROBERT PATTINSON is sexy as hell and he can act,sing,and he can play the guitar and piano.He’s good at everything he does.That’s why i love that man.

14 years ago

You can not love some one you do not realy know this days a information you get in internet ,papers and tv are not always real. Fans think about this what thay get to know and fall in love with the person they do not know. And what about the reay Robert Pattinson probably lost in all that ? Is he him self or someone we created .Is difficult to say is he a great lover every one likes something different one girl can say he is rubish at it second one we wanted more . I can not say… Read more »