Rubina Ali is doing great

Slumdog Millionaire star Rubina Ali, 9, just became the youngest person to have an autobiography (written by someone else). Her 192-page memoir, “Slumgirl Dreaming: Journey to the Stars,” spends 24 pages talking about her life in Mumbai before she became a big star for a couple weeks and went back to Mumbai only to have her house demolished.

She also writes about Nicole Kidman who she starred in a recent commercial with. Rubina calls Nicole “strange.” She probably doesn’t know about the words “ghastly” and “creepy” yet. Anyway, Nicole reportedly stayed in her trailer for most of the shoot in fear that the sun may damage her skin. Redheads are sort of like vampires in that way.

So how’s the little child actor doing now? Just great. Really great. She was paid three times her paycheck from Slumdog Millionaire to shoot a 3 day commercial. So she has a whole $21! Exciting. You’ll also be happy to know she has great hygiene. “Instead of using the public space by the railroad tracks as a restroom, Ali now walks a long distance to find a pay-for-use toilet.” You see? This little bitch Rubina has it made. She’s out there in these fancy restrooms and here I am using my own sink and my own shower like a sucker. [NYDN]

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Brian Hartman
Brian Hartman
14 years ago

I agree with you. I happen to know that the director of Slumdog chose her out of a group of Indian slum kids. That’s what gets on my nerves. What the hell? She was practically chosen at random for the movie. And now I see pictures of her going places, like some kind of rich brat. Correction: you’re going back to your previous lifestyle, Rubina. Get real!