The Michael Jackson round-up

Did you hear Michael Jackson died? It’s true, he did.

Jackson used drug aliases: Michael Jackson used aliases to purchase his prescription medication. Omar Arnold and Jack London were among the few aliases Jackson used to score Demerol and other medication. The DEA will be assisting the LAPD in investigating the doctors who prescribed these medications.

Jermaine Jackson wants Michael buried at Neverland: Jermaine Jackson on the Today show said he wished he had died instead of his brother Michael. He called his younger brother “a gift from Allah.” The only gift I got from Allah was can of spam. What a bitch.

Michael planeed a duet: Michael Jackson was going to perform a duet with his son Prince during his sold-out London concerts. Now he won’t get the chance. On account of him being dead. Why’d he have to go and do that for?

Michael wanted Diana Ross as a backup: The last will of Michael Jackson was filed on Wednesday and in it, he left his mother, Katherine, as the guardian of his three kids. Had Katherine died before him or couldn’t serve, Diana Ross was to be the backup guardian. Also, Michael left everything to the Michael Jackson Family Trust. They will be the ones who distribute the property.

Unreleased Jackson material may be coming: Michael was sitting on so many unreleased tracks which will most likely be released in the future. These includes collaborations with Akon and Will.I.Am.

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