The Monday Michael wrap-up

Is this the ghost of Michael Jackson or just a shadow cast from someone outside? I don’t know, but I think we should burn the place down to be safe.

Madonna will hold a tribute concert: Madonna will hold a tribute for Michael Jackson during her London show at the O2 Arena performing bits from Michael’s songs. Madonna and dancers will wear single white gloves during her finale of Give It 2 Me. So, if you thought Madonna couldn’t get anymore ridiculous or terrifying, think again.

A lot of people wanted tickets: 1.6 million people submitted their names for the Michael Jackson memorial lottery. 8,750 registrants have been notified that they won two tickets to either the Staples Center or the Nokia Theatre next door. A disproportionate amount of winners happened to be boys aged 9 – 15. Weird.

Michael Jackson will be buried without his brain: Michael’s family wanted him buried immediately, but the coroner has yet to discover his exact cause of death. An examination can’t even begin until two weeks after his death. Which is why they have removed Michael’s brain before burying him and have preserved it until they can start the tests. Or did they? I think they’ve already placed it into this dog.

Take a 360 tour of Jackson’s arcade: View a flash tour of Michael Jackson’s arcade room where he inserted himself into every painting he has hanging up. Especially creepy is the one where he’s sitting next to Peter Pan staring at a pantsless Charlie Chaplin.

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