This is gross

Lorenzo Lamas and the ridiculous Shauna Sand divorced in 2002. Now Star claims the reason he left her is because she was having sex with his then 18-year-old son A.J. behind his back.

“Shauna came on to A.J.,” a friend of Lorenzo’s tells Star in the July 20 issue, on sale today. “It was the ultimate betrayal. Lorenzo had no idea; he was in the dark about the whole thing.”

But Lorenzo is no longer in the dark, and the public will get a chance to see his reaction on a new reality show the Lamas family is currently filming for E! According to Lorenzo’s friend, the secret romance carried on for months before soap star filed for divorce in 2002.

“He thought Shauna was acting like a mom to A.J.,” the friend continues. “He had no clue that she was his son’s lover!”

I had nothing to do with this and it sounds like it happened 7 years ago, but I still feel like I have to take a shower to scrub the dirt off me. If you think about it, it’s almost like A.J. was kissing his dad’s penis. I don’t think he thought that one through. Plus, Shauna Sand is so plastic that he could have have f’d that Barbie doll he hides in his closet and it wouldn’t have been any different. Having sex with Shuana Sand is like lying on top of a bunch of jagged rocks. In fact, mountain climbers could make the argument that they’ve had sex with Shauna Sand too.

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