Tony Romo introduced his other girlfriend to Jessica Simpson

Tony Romo dumped Jessica Simpson earlier this month before her 29th birthday, but that seems way less of dick move than when he brought 22-year-old Natalie Smith, a Simpson look-a-like he was supposedly flirting with, to Jessica’s concert on Feb. 6. NYDN calls it an emotional affair so the description is just as gay as Tony Romo. Now the two would hook-up whenever Romo comes to town.

“They’ve always flirted and texted each other,” a source said. “They had phone conversations one to two months before the breakup.”

But it gets worse: After the concert, where Simpson gushed to the audience that Romo was “the man who loves me,” the 29-year-old athlete took the sexy Smith backstage and introduced her to Simpson.

“We hung out for, like, 10 to 15 minutes, backstage,” Smith said. “She was cool and nice.”

So Romo was banging chicks on the side and now he’s banging chicks freely without having to worry about a jealous Jessica Simpson watching his every move. Meanwhile, the only thing Jessica is making out with is a dog. Literally. I think she can do better. Maybe with a nice, down to earth German Shepherd. Why settle?

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