Vanessa Minnillo is really embarrassed about her abs

Ask any woman and they’ll tell you Vanessa Minnillo has a pretty decent body. Ask Vanessa and she’ll tell you that’s true for the most part except for her abs.

“I always have problems with my abs, especially when I see these women who have beautiful, sculpted abs,” she groaned to Tarts at last week’s launch party for Reebok’s new Easytone sneakers. “My parents are like ‘you’re a woman, you’re supposed to have babies, you’re supposed to have a womb,’ but I cannot tone them for the life of me, so that’s my trouble spot.”

Celebrities. They’re just like us. And by us, I mean you. I can take no part in your generalizations. Because my abs are sculpted to perfection. If Leonardo DaVinci saw me shirtless, he’d ask me to strike a pose so he could draw me.

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14 years ago

Shouldn’t she be embarrassed about her hairy bush that she showed in the nude Mexico pics?

14 years ago

She is such a bore and a phony. I read but didm’t see any pictures of her hanging with Topher Grace. All she likes to do is party and get drunk. She was the worst reporter on TRL and Entertainment tonight. People like her think because they are pretty really let it go to their head. She is by no means an actress. Supposely she and Nick have broken up. Yet she is still living with him. I wonder who will get the aparment they have at the Atelier in Manhattan. LOL! Run Derek Run 10 CARAT GOLDDIGGER ON THE… Read more »