When Mel Gibson attacks

Hollyscoop reports that Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva were partying at the grand opening of Playhouse in LA. Him, his girlfriend and a group of friends were in the VIP section when a Life & Style reporter, pretending to be a fan, went up and tried to take his picture. Security confiscated and deleted the pics. Not to be deterred, the reporter sent her friend to take another picture. That pissed Mel off. A source said, “Mel approached the guy who tried to take his picture and ripped his shirt.”The guy left and went to file a battery report at the police station. Mel left shortly thereafter.

What a little crybaby. A battery report? The cops aren’t his mommy. They’re not going to kiss him on the forehead and tell him everything is going to be all right. Especially LA cops. He has a better chance of them laughing at his dumb ass than filing this. He’ll be lucky if the cops don’t take him in the back and beat him with batons.

An update from TMZ says no one even saw him leave the club with a ripped shirt and that it was impossible for Mel to grab him as he was wedged in a booth with his pregnant girlfriend.

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pregnancy photographers

More likely his shirt was ripped when he was thrown out of the club. Gotta feel for Mel, guy is just trying to have a good time without people taking his photo every 5 seconds. I don’t think this guy’s claim is going anywhere.