Angelina Jolie does it right

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt showed up to the premiere of Inglorious Basterds last night as the most beautiful people ever. She’s 35 but still looks absolutely amazing. I bet when she dies, she’d still look 100 times better than Tara Reid.

Every time she spreads her legs it must be like when they open up that briefcase in Pulp Fiction. I hear if you put your penis in her, it turns into solid gold.

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Dalton Russell
Dalton Russell
14 years ago

1) Stop being mean to Tara Reid!
2) Who wants a solid gold cock? Wouldn’t it lose all sensation? Now a solid gold dildo might be cool. I’m sure Angelina’s pocket rocket is gold.
3) Why do you never comment on fashion? Like how awful is that leather tube dress she has on. As if!!
4) I happen to know what was in the briefcase Sam Jackson was taking to Ving Rames. And it wasn’t gold, despite popular misconception.