Angelina Jolie will do it anywhere, any time

Last week in Parade, Brad Pitt said that the secret stone grotto behind the waterfall in his pool is a great place for sex. Extra ran with that at the premiere of Inglourious Basterds and managed to ask Angelina about it without humping her leg. Angie said, “Yea, well, we got a few special places. You keep it going.” Pitt then chimed in, “It’s not true. We have far more comfortable places to go. There is a grotto there. It’s an old Hollywood property… just a few minutes away… and rumor is Jimi Hendrix spent some time there. That’s the story. I run with it.”

I have no idea what Brad was talking about. I think he’s gone senile. Regardless, I’ve already hired a contractor to build a grotto. The dictionary defines it as a small cave with attractive features so I told him to build me that thing that bears live in and to make sure it has huge tits. I’ll be having sex with Angelina in no time. [Us]

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