Ashley Greene naked, leaked


Proving Vanessa Hudgens isn’t the only one who can leak nude photos, Ashley Greene of Twilight had hers leaked a moment ago and surprise! She’s shaved. Thank God.

Somehow Perez Hilton was the first to get his pudgy little hands on these which is weird because he runs at the first hint of vagina. It’s also the reason the photos are sadly tagged like this. It really ruins the moment when you’re reminded of that flaming gaywad when you’re trying to stare at a girl’s tits. Gallery starts here.

Update: Sorry had to take the photos down. For any doubters, yes these photos were of Ashley Greene and because she took them herself, she can claim she owns the copyright on them which her people used for a DMCA takedown request.

  • the man from amsterdam

    oh jezus, poor guy. thats no way to live. i hope his knob is normal now.

  • Gerry Rafael

    Man, you´re sick. What vagina? You obviously don´t know much about pussies.

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