Avril Lavigne is still having fun

For a girl who’s happily married, Avril sure does enjoy partying without her husband. When she’s not having alcohol poured down her throat, she’s pouring alcohol down someone else’s throat. Here she is in Byblos last week with a guy who is not Deryck Whibley on her lap. A few publications say that Avril has been partying with Brandon Davis and friends while Deryck is on tour.

And why wouldn’t she? Deryck Whibley looks like he belongs in a zoo in an exhibit about how man evolved from ape. Hanging around Brandon Davis may be an upgrade considering he’s somewhat human. A very very greasy human teeming with disease, but at least he walks upright. It’d be like dragging a dead cat around as a pet and then replacing it with a mangy dog with rabies.

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14 years ago

i think going from derek to brandon is just going from a smaller monkey to a bigger one.

14 years ago

Yeah so what Avril like to party, so do I, But hey just because Avril parties with people it does not mean she is seriously involved with them, DUH!, as you guys seem to imply. Avril almost always hires a driver (as a designated driver)to drive an SUV and or a van, so people are always wanting to hitch a ride and party with her because she makes it fun and safer to party with her. She has done this for years, and she has always been faithful. But you guys seem to love to perpetuate any false rumor or… Read more »