Avril Lavigne’s marriage might be in trouble

It seemed like only yesterday Avril Lavigne, 25, and Deryck Whibley, 29, were spitting at and flipping off the paparazzi. Alas, the honeymoon might be over. Avril has been out as of late partying without the cro-magnon. Not just regular partying either, but having alcohol poured down her throat by strange men partying. Gatecrasher says,

A spy at celebrity eatery Georgica indeed saw Lavigne getting away – but hardly spending any time alone. Instead, says the onlooker, she was partying hard and hanging with a number of male admirers. Only later in the evening did Lavigne get paranoid about what the nearby paparazzi may have captured on film. “She kept running up to the photographers and asking to see the pictures they took,” says one partygoer. (We’ve noticed that those photos have mysteriously disappeared from at least one site on which they were posted.)

Lavigne continued her Saturday night at another Hamptons hot spot, Axe Lounge, where she danced the night – and perhaps her rocky marriage – away.

The time is coming when Avril will be without a partner in crime. Maybe she won’t regret it now, in a week or even a year, but one day she’ll remember back to when they used to spit on photogs. She’ll attempt to recreate that fond memory only to be overcome by sadness mid-spit leaving the accumulated saliva to dribble down her chin while she looks out her rolled down window longingly. Sigh, two middle fingers just don’t feel the same.

Photos from when Avril was in St. Tropez.

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14 years ago

They should fix their marriage by doing a duet, like J-Lo and Ratface.