Brad Pitt gave up the weed

It looks like Brad Pitt has grown out of smoking weed every day. Pitt told Bill Maher that he’s given up the bong because of his six kids after Maher recounted the time he watched Brad roll the most perfect joints at a NYE party. Pitt said, “I’m a dad now. You want to be alert.”

What? How does he deal with those little monsters? If I had six kids, I’d be taking three Vicodins when I wake up and smoking out in the afternoon. By night time, I’ll pretty much be a lifeless blob melted into the couch not even caring that two of my kids have been hitting me over the head with foam bats for the past hour. The best I’d be able to do is wave my hand in their general direction and grunt for them to stop it. Don’t even ask me what the other four kids are doing either. What do I look like? Their babysitter?

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