Britney Spears wore another one

Britney Spears also squeezed her ass into a bright pink bikini while at the Marina Del Ray over the weekend. These photos look much like the ones of Britney in the white bikini except now she’s in pink and there aren’t any shots of her cowering in fear. So… yea. Fascinating.

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14 years ago

Britney you are looking great again keep it up.dont let the haters f**k it up..well ive been your fan since day one i know your from lousiana and im from texas and ive watched your show crossroads and listen to your music and everything else you do i luv ya and your sister so yall keep up the good work..your kids are cute..

14 years ago

She looks great but its the inside that counts. Whats with those nails and that polish ???? work on it Britney.

Nancy Munger
Nancy Munger
14 years ago

Nice pics Britt…Where did you get that rock…Nice ring!!!! Yes come on over and I will do your nails!!!!