Brody Jenner may not be such a sissy after all

Jayde Nicole during happier, less bruised times

I take it back. Brody Jenner did punch Joe Francis in the face after Francis punched and kicked his girlfriend Jayde Nicole. Good for him. Finally, someone with balls who doesn’t let lawyers do the fighting for them.

According to Jenner, he and Jayde were at Guys & Dolls celebrating his birthday where they saw Francis “unrelentingly” hitting on an ex-girlfriend who both Nicole and Jenner knew. Nicole felt he was harassing her and threw a drink on Francis. Francis, being the scholar and the gentleman he is, pulled Nicole by the hair, punched her in the face, threw her to the ground and began kicking her.

Jenner started yelling at Joe which caused both of them to be thrown out. Although, I think the proper reaction instead of yelling would be to smash Francis in the face with an ashtray, but I digress. Jenner tried to get back in to check on Jayde but security wouldn’t let him. That’s when he saw Joe and punched him in the face. The next thing he knew, someone tased him and he fell to the ground. Ooook.

Jayde suffered a black and blue cheek, swollen face, bruised ribs, sore lower abdomen and hair loss (from the girly hair pulling administered by Joe Francis). Video of Jayde describing the incident here.

That Joe Francis is quite the little bitch. He can’t even fight a girl with dignity. I bet if he ever got into it with a guy he might literally pee himself. You’d think that only happens in movies, but you’d be wrong because, look, he’s doing it, right there, in front of us.

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